Stack Your Staples Amex Offer to Make $100 More Per Card!

As I mentioned in this post HERE, there is currently an Amex offer that gives you a $75 statement credit on each transaction of $250 or more you make at select stores.  This can be done up to 5 times.  One of the stores listed is Staples, a store well known for selling lots of different gift cards including $200 Visa gift cards, which you can then load via Bluebird, Serve, or Redcard.

At the same time this week, Staples released their ad with the following offer.

staples visa gift card offer

I was already planning to get this Amex offer by purchasing two $200 Visa gift cards but now with this offer I will also be able to stack a $20 visa gift card on top of the $75 statement credit.

I ran over to our local Staples at lunch and made my 5 separate purchases and within 5 minutes I received the following emails.

Congrats 75 amex offer

Usually Amex applies the credit within 2 to 3 days.  I have never had to wait the full 90 days as they state.

The Breakdown:

So what is the actual profit that can be made with this ONE deal alone?

amex offer staples breakdown

You can make just over $405 profit PER CARD with these 2 offers combined.  While I was only targeted on 1 of my business cards this can be a real benefit to those of you that had this offer on multiple cards.  This is the reason I love these Amex offers.  They can be so beneficial to the users.  I usually check  the offer page 2 to 3 times a week just so that I don’t miss out on something that is big like this.  Were you targeted for this offer?

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ANOTHER great AMEX Offer

Wow… they just keep on coming. Another day and another great Amex offer. This time it is a targeted offer strictly on American Express Business cards.

The offer is good for a $75 statement credit up to 5 TIMES!  You can use this offer at the following vendors BevMo, Gordon Food Service, The Home Depot, Restaurant Depot, Staples, or Total Wine and More by August 14.

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 7.09.39 AM

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 7.09.59 AM

Of course there are multiple ways you could spin this.  If you had a large purchase coming up at one of these stores you should be able to just split the transaction how ever many times you needed at $250 each… thus getting the $75 statement credit each time.

I was only targeted one time so I will use it at Staples to buy Visa gift cards and then load them to my serve card to pay off the charge.  Each of these $250 purchases will result in me “making” $61.10, with a grand total of $305.5 in profit when all is said and done.

This is great as it is in the same week as Walmart/Target Amex offer that I wrote about earlier this week (HERE).  In total I should be able to net out a nice little profit of just under $500 from these 2 offers alone!

So get out there and check your AMEX Offers tab on your business cards to see if you were targeted too!

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Quick Post… Great AMEX Offer Walmart & Target

Hey everyone,

I’ve posted a ton on how much of a fan I am of American Express and their offers.  Well today I was looking through my different offers on the Amex site and I saw one of the best I’ve seen!  $30 statement credit when you spend $100 or more in store at Walmart or Target… up to 5 TIMES!

walmart and target deal

The great thing is that we shop at both Target and Walmart a lot so we can either save $150 per card over the next couple months OR just buy gift cards and make $125 cash in our pockets ($30 less $5 fee per card).  The only downside is that it doesn’t seem to be on a ton of cards.  I was only targeted for this offer on 1 of our cards… not that I’m complaining.

So what are you waiting for!  There are only a limited number of these available so go grab the offer ASAP if you were targeted for it.

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How I’m getting $1500 in groceries for 50% OFF!

I’ve talked about American Express Offers before and how much I love them.  Currently I am saving $400 on my DirecTV account… meaning no cable bill to pay for 3 months.  This morning I started my morning routine and logged into my American Express account.  What did I see?

smart and final $25 off screen shot21

Smart & Final has a deal where you spend $50 and you’ll get a $25 statement credit up to 3 times!  Now… you may be asking yourself how does this equal $1000… My wife and I have it on EVERY single American Express card that we have.  Meaning that each card we can spend $50 x 3 and get $75 in statement credits.  We have around…. 10 cards so that is $1500 in groceries and getting $750 in statement credits!  We have until June 30th to do this which should not be a problem for our family via normal grocery shopping or picking up a few extras, alcohol, etc.

BEFORE you save the offer!

If you do have the offer on more than 1 card remember that you need to open multiple tabs (1 for each card that has the offer) and go to the specific offer on each card.  Then work your way down the line from one tab to the next selecting “save offer”.  If you do that you will be able to get the offer on ALL of your cards.  If you do not do that it will only save the offer on ONE card and you could lose out on a lot of free groceries!

So… did you get this amazing offer?  Log in now!

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